Santos Seth’s Story

As told by his mother, Leilani.

He was born February 18, 2011 at 0620am at Redlands community hospital to Sophoeun and Monte Alvarez. He was 6lbs 12ounces and 17 inches long. He was already so full of life, looking around, and he smiled when he saw his dad. He was already rooting for the breast for food. He is just so lovable, so humble and innocent. How could life be robbed from him?

At 2 months, he had already traveled cross country from California to Indiana, stopping at several states along the way to take pictures. He would fuss all the way thru, if placed in his car seat, but not one peep came out of him when I snuggled him on my chest to breast feed. He was an easy baby. He was so angelic. I was beyond myself when I found out I was pregnant. I thought for sure, that I wasn’t able to have kids. From the doctors advice and the proof in my life, I was sure I was bound to be barren, but God proved otherwise that it is He who gives and creates life. He proved to both Santos’s dad and I that, He is still in control.

Through Santos’s life and death, God had the glory. God was magnified and the miracle child of mine was God’s vessel from the start. My marriage was starting to fizzle out and Santos was our glue. When it finally took a nose dive, Santos and I both were saddened. We were left with nothing and nowhere to go. We stayed with Set Free Church in Yucaipa and had a fresh start. Santos started a daycare program that was run like a Kindergarten, and I was blessed with a nursing job close by.

Suddenly, I received news that my father passed and it took a toll on me and my job, and my everyday life. I needed to be closer to family, so we ended up renting a room from a family friend. I found a new job and Santos was going to start attending preschool soon after. We spent a lot of time together doing things we always wanted to do– trips, shopping, going to the zoo and the park and other things. Santos loved our new place. It had a big back yard, animals, and trees. He had a puppy named Tiny. Just when we got a chance to start over and things were looking up, Santos passed.

Tragically, he was hit by a truck. He claimed it was a hit and run. When they called me to the ER, all I could think about was my son. I was frantic and prayed out loud for God to please watch over my boy to please not let it be Santos. Please Lord please. All I could feel at that moment was Jesus’s peace, assuring me that whatever it was, that He’s got it. It was different when I arrived there and saw my son’s lifeless body.

“Lord please,” I cried.

My life shattered, and I wished I was dead too. God used each individual as vessels. If the man who ran my son over received Christ thru the death of my Son, then Santos’s purposed was fulfilled. I mourn everyday. My only son. My only thing I had left in life, has now gone away. He left me too. I was not mad at God, although most people thought it was OK to be, but I didn’t indulge in it. Instead it was God who pre warned me to trust in Him and his peace. My pain is indescribable. My son died senselessly. My world is crumbled, in a heap of ashes and ruins. The man who hit him only got 9 years for his death. God vindicated and He got justice for Santos.

Today, with the help of my friends and family, with the help of my Spiritual Father, Willie Dalgity, I now grieve with hope. I thank God for His love, straight and peace to help me thru this devastating loss. In two years, I lost all the men that meant the world to me. My Father, my husband, and now my son. Though if I count the losses in my life, I would never get to see the many joys that God have and has already bestowed upon me. I have learned that grieving is apart of life. I’ve learned to not give up but fight, fight, fight, especially when I feel that the hope I have starts to grow dim. I know now not to give in.

Santos Seth Alvarez, my son. He was so energetic, honest, funny, and full of life. He comforted me at the right moment and was always bringing joy into my life. For as young as he was, he endured a lot. I wish I could of spent more time with him. Now all I have are memories and everyday is a struggle to survive since the pain of losing him is so unbearable, I died with him. I have Hope in Jesus and I know one day I will be with Santos again and what a sweet reunion it will be.