Presley’s Story

As told by her mother, Adrienne.


September 9th at 4:28 I got the call every parent has nightmares about. I knew as soon as I saw the phone number that something was wrong. When I answered I could hear sobbing and screaming. ‘Presley’s not breathing, they’re doing CPR, Presley’s not breathing…” My whole world collapsed on September 9th at 4:28.

I drove like a crazy person to get to our babysitter’s house. I got out of my car in the middle of traffic and banged on people’s cars, begging them to let me cut in front of them. When I finally made it there I drove around the corner and saw 2 ambulances and a fire truck outside. My precious 20 month old daughter, Presley, was still inside where they were continuing to work on her. They wouldn’t let me in the house. They all avoided my pleading eyes, they talked quietly to me trying to calm me down. When they got us to the hospital there were so many doctors working on her. I just kept waiting for that moment when she would squeeze my finger, I just knew she was going to squeeze my finger. But that moment never came. After working on her for an hour they gently pronounced her time of death.

My precious Presley went for her usual nap and never woke up. They weren’t able to find any cause of death. Nothing. Our 20 month old healthy daughter was just gone, with no explanation.

On September 9th at 4:28 my whole world collapsed.

What I want to remember about Presley is not the huge hole that is left in her absence, but all the wonderful ways she filled our hearts while she was with us. I wish the world got to know our beautiful, happy, hilarious little girl. She truly was our silver lining. She danced to every song, even ones that only she could hear. She followed her big brother like a shadow. She was full of sass and I just knew the terrible twos we’re going to be an adventure for her. She was our fearless child; jumping off the back of the couch and jumping on the trampoline with her brother. She was also the snuggliest of babies; always looking for a cuddle and asking for kisses on her forehead.

I know that Presley would want us to remember all of those great memories that filled her 20 months here with us. And so I will try to let those amazing memories be the only ones that fill my heart when I think of our sweet angel.