Paisleigh’s Story

As told by her mother, Brianna.

Labor Day weekend, her birth story starts here.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was having horrible contractions but everyone said, “No it’s normal.”

On Sunday night, I was using the bathroom when something happened. I lost my mucous plug. I began to worry, but of course the nurse said I would be okay, so I went to sleep that night. Monday morning I woke up Cody (her dad), and I was getting ready to go to my aunt’s house, a 45 minute drive from where we lived. I called the doctor again, and he told me to count my contractions, and if they were six minutes apart, to rush to the hospital and call him on the way.

At the point I was ready to leave for my aunt’s, I was already in pain and crying. Cody being the best daddy out there said, “No, we aren’t taking you out there.” We counted, and my contractions were 3 minutes apart. It was obviously time to go.

Once we were in a room, they immediately started testing me and Pai. Her heart rate was fine, moving around like the ballerina she was! The doctor came in and figured out I was dilated to a 4 already and my water had a tear in it, which made us feel like she was on her way. But not on mommas schedule. I was doing anything in my power to make sure my daughter stayed where she was at. I was moved in another room at this point.

Early Tuesday morning I had been having horrible contractions, but Cody was with me the whole time doing anything in his power to make me feel better, but during the night I got an infection caused by the cervix opening and the leak in the water. They told me it could potentially kill the both of us. Cody and I were not giving up on our baby! We both were ready to fight for Pai and I. Everyone was, but the infection changed everything. If we didn’t get her out the infection could potentially kill the both of us. We had to make the decision to break my water completely and go into full labor. About an hour after I was into full labor. I birthed a beautiful 1 pound 7 ounce baby girl named Paisleigh Ann Louia. Excited and sad at the same time, Cody and I just stared at her. This is what we were blessed with. I thought to myself, “I can’t believe she is ours.” After spending several minutes with her we invited our family and Cody’s best friend to come meet her. Cody and I had private time with her while Sara, our birth photographer took the most precious pictures I’ve ever seen. Paisleigh lived about an hour before she passed away in my arms. We chose to give her to the nurse after several minutes. Seeing your baby girl carried away for the last time. Heartbreaking.

I am now pregnant with a rainbow baby. We are so blessed. I didn’t think there was life after loosing a baby. You never move on from it,  you just learn to live with it. Now I have a guardian princess over me.