Gracelyn’s Story

12527921_10153245803961128_1277054682_nAs told by her mother, Anna.

I lost my precious baby girl Gracelyn Elizabeth Marie. She was just 24 days old due to SIDS. I knew when I woke up on September 22nd there was something wrong with Gracelyn. She lost her glow, her beautiful wonderful glow, and when I picked her up she was cold.

I knew she was gone, but as her mother I did everything I was supposed to do and then more to save her, but I knew she was gone. I woke up her dad. He held her while I called 911. Dispatch directed us to do chest compressions while waiting for paramedics, but they never showed up, so after what felt like an eternity I wrapped her in a blanket and ran her to the fire station. I live a block away from from there. We were taken to the hospital, and shortly after arrival they said those awful words no parent should ever hear, “I’m so sorry but she didn’t make it.”

Worst day of my┬álife. My baby was healthy, and I will never understand why she was taken from me. I tried for almost 7 years and fertility┬átreatments to conceive a child with no luck. I had given up all hope, but the day I was told, “Well, you’re 14.5 weeks along, and it’s a girl” was the best day of my life.

Gracelyn was such a happy content baby. She was always smiling. Her beauty was beyond skin deep. She would always play possum. She sneezed at least 2 times, if not more, every time she sneezed. She was very alert for her age and she liked everyone, but she adored and loved her mommy and daddy. She was a daddy’s girl from day one.