Caiman’s Story

12506586_10153245791486128_2033649931_nAs told by his mother, Chelsea.

I began having severe labor pains on the afternoon of Thursday, June 4th, 2015. I had been in to the see my doctor the following Sunday and was sent home, so I knew it would probably be a while, so four days later when the pain became unbearable, I immediately called my OB office. I was told to go ahead and come in. I was two days away from being 39 weeks so I thought it was time for sure.

I arrived at the office and was immediately sent to a room. My doctor had left to perform an emergency surgery but returned within 30 minutes. He came in and examined me then wanted to do an ultrasound after, so he said, “I believe we are in labor.”

I was ecstatic. I called my husband and told him it was time and that I would call him back to get ready to leave work to meet me as soon as I was put into a room. I was sent up to labor and delivery and after filling out tons of paperwork, I was finally sent to a room and settled in. The baby kicked the fetal monitor off several times, and it felt very tight but I thought nothing of it.

About an hour and a half after being sent up and being examined by the nurse, my doctor came into the room and examined me himself. He then said that there was no progress and that if I didn’t dialate or my water didn’t break, then I wasn’t in labor and would likely be sent home again if nothing changed. He said he wanted to just watch the next couple of hours and see what happened. By this time my mother had arrived and so had my husband I informed them of what the doctor had said and we waited.

I called in my nurse to adjust the fetal monitor several times throughout the next few hours. At one point, an LVN was sent in to adjust the fetal monitor, and I was told my nurse was in another delivery. She seemed aggravated to have to come to my room so much, and the last time she came in, she left without hearing my baby’s heartbeat, so I called the nurses station once again and the RN I had returned and said that she just spoke with the doctor and that he wants to monitor me for another 45 minutes and if their was no change in progress he would probably send me home.

I got up went to the bathroom came back to the bed when the nurse started adjusting the fetal monitor, she couldn’t find his heartbeat. She searched for it for a couple more minutes before she left to get another nurse. Neither nurse could find his heartbeat. I was begging them to please go and get the doctor on call, and she told me to let her do her job. By this time, my son had been without a heartbeat for thirty minutes. She then got another nurse. Finally, a family friend who was a nurse came into the room and immediately got the doctor on call. The doctor came in wheeling in an ultrasound machine after looking around at everything she said very frantically this baby is not alive and immediately had me prepped me for an emergency c-section. I awoke later and I immediately asked about my baby and our family friend the nurse told me he didn’t make it. They had tried to revive him but he had went without a heartbeat for too long before action was taken.

In the state of texas my son Caiman has no rights as he never took a breath of air. My son has no rights except to be claimed as a part of my body thats right he is considered a body part not a human being this leaves no one to be held accountable for a misread fetal monitor or any other medical mistakes made on behalf of the doctor, hospital, or nursing staff in Texas and only 5 other states is this law still not over turned yet. Texas is supposed to be the most pro-life state in the nation.

I share my son’s picture so people can see even if he never took a breath of air, he was and is a human being and he should have rights as he would have had if he were born in one of the 45 states that have overturned this law. With your help and support bringing awareness to this cause– Caimans Cause we have a chance of overturning the law in the Texas Supreme Court so that no other baby or family is affected by this law the law we never knew existed untill we were directly faced with Krishnan v. Sepulveda, 916 S.W.2d 478 (Tex. 1995)