Scribbles and Crumbs is a community on a mission to unite all who have known suffering through the common ground of compassion and love.

But we don’t want to stop there.

We believe that we are meant to come alive. This doesn’t mean we’ll be without pain. This means that we’ll face the pain, looking it in the eye, feeling it, acknowledging it, never faking it, but embracing life for what it is, a coexistence of the deepest sorrows and the deepest joys. We want to be alive to feel both, because we know that if we hide from the pain, we often also hide from true, deep joy, from freedom, from love and life.

We believe that we come alive as we mend, but we also come alive when we reach up and reach out.

We want to dig down deep and muster the grit within us, reach out our hands, and pull one another to the light, because we don’t believe that we’re meant to always live in the darkness.

We want to unite, no matter how different our scars may look. Child loss, illness, heartache, mental health struggles, stressful times in life, divorce, abuse, etc., etc. It doesn’t matter what you’ve faced. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been. We believe you have inherent value, that you matter, that you are worthy and enough and entirely lovable (no matter what your broken heart may tell you).

We weren’t meant to do this life alone. We were meant to have each other.

We see you. We see your broken, beautiful, and mending heart.

We’re going to take your hand, and we’re going to stand in the light together.